Frost Zone Zine is a biannual online/digital eZine of quiet horror, dark fiction, and poetry.

Publisher: Frost Zone Press, Hamilton, ON Canada
Editor/Frost Zone owner: M.M. MacLeod
ISSN 2564-0887

Publishing Schedule:
Issue 5, autumn 2021, October

Issue 6, spring 2022


The first year of Frost Zone Zine also included print issues.
There will be no new print issues going forward, for now. There may be other print opportunities/special projects in the future.
We ARE considering short-run print issues (NOT POD), however with current paper shortages/supply chain challenges now is not the time.

As an eZine, the focus will be on the web version, with eBook issues – PDF, (maybe ePUB), eventually available through our Payhip Store and Frost Zone Press website. Sales are not a priority for this zine: content is free to read.

The first issues were also published under the name Cryoseism Press, which is now officially called Frost Zone Press. – all issues were published by M.M. MacLeod, founding editor.

Quiet Horror. Supernatural. Gothic. Literary.
Folk Horror. Paranormal. Eerie. Strange. Magic.

Seeking spooky stories and eerie or eerie-beautiful poetry.

PRINT: For the sake of convenience, print copies were POD (print-on-demand) paperback books (not magazines) through Amzon. Some authors wanted print copies and the print-on-demand, companion books, were the best way. Small print runs have been ordered, and it was determined the cost, time to receive the order, and then having the task of distribution was not practical, while maintaining a quarterly publication schedule – especially now that deliveries everywhere have slowed down.
Print copies are digest size: 5.5″ x 8.5″, i.e. small and thin, in the tradition of some anthology magazines post-pulp-era and pre-2000’s.

Originally a quarterly, the first issue was published on September 08, 2020. The second issue was published on December 08, 2020. The third issue was published on March 01, 2021. Issue four was published on May 21, 2021

Please visit the Submissions page if you are interested in sending short fiction or poetry to Frost Zone Zine.

Frost Zone Zine is a self-funded, independent publication from Frost Zone Press — a self-funded, independent publisher; founded/operated by M.M. MacLeod.
You can help support this publication by buying a ‘virtual’ coffee. Any $ will help replenish the money spent on this website, services to make this happen, and payment to writers.

Frost Zone Zine is a Canadian publication, founded by author/artist MM MacLeod, who also owns Frost Zone Press.