Frost Zone Zine is a Canadian Quarterly Anthology Zine of Horror, Speculative, and Literary Fiction. Select poetry is also featured in each issue. Published by Cryoseism Press.

Seeking spooky stories and eerie or eerie-beautiful poetry.

The range of story types sought is broad: classic, gothic, supernatural, and psychological horror, near-future dystopian tales, other speculative fiction, realistic terror (extreme weather, danger in nature, being lost – to name a few), dark folklore and fairytale, dark fantasy, dark literary fiction and more.

The issues of Frost Zone Zine have some free content, to read online, and are available for purchase in eBook and print formats.

If your submission is accepted it will be published in any combination of the online, electronic, and print version of that issue. Your accepted submission will also be listed online in the issue details.

Submissions which are shown fully online will each have a dedicated page while that issue is current, after which they will be transferred to an archival post with other items from that issue.

PRINT: We will be transitioning away from POD (print-on-demand) publishing for the print issues. Short-run print issues are planned for issue 2, while the paperback option may or may not be available from Amazon. The small run of print copies will be available directly from Cyroseism Press. Short-run printing was the original vision for this publication and we look forward to implementing that plan.

Published quarterly, the first issue was published on September 08, 2020. The next issue will be Winter, 2021 – a TBA date in January or early February.

Please visit the Submissions page if you are interested in sending short fiction or poetry to Frost Zone Zine.

Frost Zone Zine is a self-funded, independent publication. You can help support the production of this publication by purchasing a copy or buying Frost Zone Zine a virtual cup of coffee.

Frost Zone Zine is a Canadian publication, founded by author/artist MM MacLeod, who also owns Cyroseism Press.