Additional Information

NOTE: Please check all information pages often, as they are updated regularly, as circumstances, and situations arise, and new information comes to light. This includes the submissions page, about page, and this page that you are reading.

Style Guide: We do not have a formal style guide, however the following points are relevant:

  • Canadian English spelling is used in all fiction. (Neighbour, not neighbor for example.)
  • UK English spelling may remain as-is only in poetry. (Your tyres will not be changed in a poem, but will become tires in a story.)
  • US English spelling may remain as-is only in poetry (Your colors will remain in poetry but become colours in a story.)
  • Double quotations marks are used, not single as is common in the UK. Single quotation marks are used in some instances only, such as a quote within a quote.
  • The Oxford Comma is used.

Further points will be added to the above list as needed.


  • Submit clean, edited work.
  • Avoid story generators. (Why do you need one?)
  • Use adverbs in moderation, or not at all.
  • Then and Than are not interchangeable. Lightening is not Lightning. Edit for proper word usage.
  • When using regional dialect or colloquial speech, be sure to keep it to dialogue and inner monologues only, not blended into the third person narrative.
  • ‘Said’ is usually all that is needed. Other dialogue tags (asked, exclaimed, grumbled, begged, yelled, etc) are redundant – punctuation and actions usually get the meaning across. For conversation to flow naturally, only use a tag when omitting one will make it unclear who is speaking,
  • Terms deemed offensive or hurtful to any group will be edited out or replaced, even in a historical piece depicting a time when such terms were commonplace.
  • While a publication history is not a prerequisite, expectations are for proper grammar, word usage, syntax, genuine style, and voice, researched, and accurate references. These points should be obvious to employ in order to result in well-written pieces.

Editing: As stated in the Submission Guidelines, we reserve the right to edit your work. Edits are only made when necessary. We will edit for reasons included in the above tips and other. Historically, these are some of the reasons we have made changes:

  • to replace a misused word or to correct a spelling error
  • to replace a word that is used excessively, especially within a few paragraphs.
  • to simplify dialogue tags
  • for the sake of clarity (when different pov or tense is used and not presented clearly, for example).
  • to correct facts or inaccurate dates/events, etc.
  • for brevity or correction of excessive run-on sentences.
  • to remove offensive terms (often unintentionally, the author uses words and phrases that can be hurtful to certain groups).
  • to remove trademarked product names, company names, or specific media sources (naming a TV station or newspaper, for instance).

Protect Your Work: You own the copyright to your work. It is up to you to protect your copyright. Frost Zone Zine, Cryoseism Press and the editor(s) are not liable if your work is appropriated from this website or our publications. Theft can occur from any place that your work is published or otherwise made available to the public.

Respect The Work of Others: Frost Zone Zine, Cryoseism Press, and the editor(s) are not liable for inadvertently publishing work without the consent of the true author. Liability lies with the submitting author. If any work we publish is discovered to be appropriated or infringing, it will be promptly removed and we will attempt to notify the owner of said work.