Q: Is this magazine free to read?
A: Beginning with issue 2, stories and poems will be gradually released live during the first week after publication, with four or so works going live per day until the entire issue is available online (although longer stories will have a preview online, with the full story in print and eBook issues). Issue 1 has been moved to archival blog posts. Issues will also be available for sale upon publication.

Q: Is this a horror magazine? Is this a literary magazine?
A: Yes, to both. Most content published by Frost Zone Zine can fit into the horror category, but chilling literary tales that are not necessarily horror can be found here, too, as can speculative fiction. Poetry is also published, and does not need to be written in the horror or speculative fiction genre — it does have to have something that makes the reader shiver a bit.

Q: I’m an artist. Can I submit artwork to Frost Zone Zine?
A: Not currently. We may add that call to our submission guidelines in the future.

Q: Can I advertise on your website?
A: This minimalist website will be kept as ad-free as possible. We may have a dedicated space for a few ads in the future, on the website, and in the back pages of the eBook and paperbacks.

Q: I have a question not addressed on this page. How can I contact Frost Zone Zine?
A: The contact link is at the bottom of every page. You can fill out the form and send it to us. Note, the form may take 24-48 hrs. to reach us.