Issue #2

Welcome to the second issue of Frost Zone Zine. In this issue there are ten chilling stories and seven
haunting poems.

   This is the winter issue, and fittingly a couple of the tales do have an icy or snowy setting. The words on the following pages will take you away to strange and haunting places, to meet odd or haunted characters, in scary or strange situations. Thank you to the writers who have contributed those words, to make this second issue what it is.

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Poetry by: Ian A. Bain, Lisa Timpf, Hazel Ann Lee, Meg Smith
Fiction by: C.J. Carter-Stephenson, Clark Boyd, Harris Coverley, David Henson, John Harker, M.M.MacLeod, Nika Župan, Eleftheria Tsichli, Hazel Ann Lee, Joseph Farley

Content Notes


The Apparition C.J. Carter-Stephenson

N14 Eleftheria Tsichli

Table of Fear Hazel Ann Lee

Remembrance House, and
A Demonology
Meg Smith

The Dinner Party John Harker

Time of Fruition Hazel Ann Lee

An Arm and A Leg David Henson

The Day Politeness Revealed Its Limits, and
Blackbeard Returns as a Porch Pirate
Lisa Timpf

Those That Are Loved Very Much Nika Župan

Anselm Joseph Farley

The Hunt, and Barbs Ian A. Bain

The Thing in the Wax Harris Coverley

Antiques Clark Boyd

The Scoop (preview) M.M. MacLeod

The stories and poems in this publication are works of fiction. Names and places are either fictional or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Each story and poem is the creation of its respective author.

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