Issue 4

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Content Notes

Issue 4. June, 2021

Interview: Q&A with Matthew G. Rees

Drabble: Miriam H. Harrison, Elyse Russell, M.M. MacLeod

Fiction: Malcolm Timperley, David Watson, Ken MacGregor, Cecilia Kennedy, Nick Petrou,
J.W. Wood, Harris Coverley, Susan Cornford, Elana Gomel, H.T. Grossen, Laura J. Campbell,
DJ Tyrer, Neil Whitfield


Cheap Day Return Malcolm Timperley

Gender Reveal Cecilia Kennedy

The Swirling Shavings David Watson

The Solution Susan Cornford

Crocodile Nick Petrou

INTERVIEW: Q&A with Matthew G. Rees


More Things in Heaven and Earth J.W. Wood

Walk in the Park Ken MacGregor

Who’s There? Harris Coverley

Pareidolia Elana Gomel

Low Country Carcass Elyse Russell

The Great Owl H.T. Grossen

Starless Miriam H. Harrison

Past Due Laura J. Campbell

Faces DJ Tyrer

The December Incident Neil Whitfield

The stories and poems in this publication are works of fiction. Names and places are either fictional or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Each story and poem is the creation of its respective author.

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