She Nurtured a Monstrous Thirst

Alicia Hilton

Hydra was a sea serpent goddess
with a horrid inferiority complex.
Her scales were dull, her manner docile.
Her giant heads spit neither venom nor fire.
She refused to devour flesh, only craved vegetables.
An embarrassingly meek monstrosity,
unlike her mother, the horrific goddess Echidna.

Zeus and Hera’s cronies bullied Hydra.
Even Cupid yanked scales from her tail.
Cerberus urged his sister to snarl and slaughter.
The three-headed demon dog leapt on Hydra,
bit her neck until she spit venom in his eyes.
Echidna hissed with delight while Cerberus whined.

Hydra’s appetite for meat surged with her ferocity.
Slaughtering dolphins, sharks, and whales,
fueled her libidinous heat.
When Hydra masturbated,
steam shot from her nether regions.
Pressure built and built, triggering a tsunami,
an irresistible mating call
for underworld monstrosities.

Suitors with fangs and tentacles sped to Olympus.
Hydra hooked up with a horny Incubus.
The giant goat creature bleated while they humped.
Their slimy rut spawned thirsty triplets,
three serpentine sons with horns and spiked tails.
The younglings gnawed Hydra’s nipples.

Hydra devoured her mate and wept flaming tears.
She urged her sons to nibble her neck
after they drained her breasts.
Sea demons craved blood,
not milk or love.

Alicia Hilton is an author, arbitrator, law professor, actor, and former FBI Special Agent. Her work has appeared in Akashic Books, CatStone Books, Daily Science Fiction, Dreams & Nightmares, Frost Zone Zine, Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase Volume VIII, Modern Haiku, Neon, NonBinary Review, Space and Time, Vastarien, Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Volumes 4, 5 & 6, and elsewhere. She is a member of the Horror Writers Association, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association, and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Her website is Follow her on Twitter at @aliciahilton01.

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