Spring 2022

M.M. MacLeod

Welcome to Frost Zone Zine issue six. Spring may not yet have sprung in the
Northern Hemisphere, but it won’t be long now. Here in the Frost Zone, we are happy
to jump ahead into the spring issue. There are a few changes apparent this time around:

  • the content consists entirely of flash fiction and poetry
  • the issue (as with issue 5) is electronic only – online and eBook
  • contributors are all women for this issue

As for that last point, when I discovered that Women in Horror Month (WiHM) was to be celebrated in March, I thought yes, I want Frost Zone to do something for that since it coincided with the spring issue.
WiHM was celebrated by many in February, as it had been in previous years, others are recognizing it in March beginning this year. In any case, WiHM was prompt to feature women in this issue.

You can read more about WiHM and the changes here. (the WiHM website)

So why is Frost Zone Zine participating in WiHM?

Firstly, previous Frost Zone issues have showcased fiction and poetry by an array of writers, but for most issues, women made up only a small number of the submissions– especially submissions of fiction, and it is desired to include diverse voices. This is a place for everyone – it is the story or the poem that counts, and only the story or the poem.

Secondly, I suppose I am a woman in horror: not just an editor who writes, but a life-long writer who happens to like putting together this zine, and other projects for Frost Zone Press, (thus providing a space for others’ work) — who sometimes sends pieces out into the world to be published by others while working on a few longer projects. A horror fan probably since seeing the original broadcast of Salem’s Lot on TV as a child in the 70s, followed by the 80s with all that decade’s horror flick offerings. That was when I began to read more speculative fiction, particularly horror.

Thirdly, this issue is a celebration of the work by women who write horror and dark fiction. We welcome several returning writers:
Meg Smith (issue 2), Megan M. Davies-Ostrom, (issue 3) Elyse Russell (issue 4),
Miriam H. Harrison (issues 4 and 5), and Alicia Hilton (issue 5).
New to Frost Zone Zine:
Carolyn Clink, Angela Croudace (as of this writing, making her publishing debut), Koji A. Dae, Amelia Gorman, Ara Hone, Serena Jayne, Eve Morton, Laura Nettles, Frances Pauli, Jessica Peter, Katherine Quevedo, Manisha Sahoo, and Marcie Lynn Tentchoff.

Though each piece is original and stands on its own, a common thread runs through some of the poems and stories in this issue. That thread has fibres of change; transformation, bones, witches, confession, insomnia, nightmares, mothers and children, cats,  plants, monsters, beings of the dark: some of folk or myth, some all too real. Together they join in bringing this special issue to you.

M.M. MacLeod (aka Lene) is a writer and artist living in Ontario, Canada. The sole parent of two: one horror enthusiast, one (diagnosed with autism & with whom, it turns out, she shares some ND traits), who prefers anime and comedy, but does enjoy watching some horror films. Lene is currently working on several writing projects and revisiting the artwork she had abandoned for some time.