NOTE: Submissions for Issue #2 will open in early October. Terms have changed since issue #1, read current guidelines below.

This page is updated as necessary.

Near the bottom of this page is a link to more helpful information which should be read before submitting your work.

PLEASE ONLY SEND SUBMISSIONS DURING OPEN SUBMISSION WINDOWS. Any submissions sent at other times will be deleted, unread.


Submissions are now closed.

Submission Guidelines:

Fiction: Original, unpublished Short Stories: 600 – 3500 words. Please send one or two stories for consideration. If your work is accepted, the acceptance may be for one or both pieces (one flash fiction, and one longer story for instance).
If your submission is declined DO NOT submit again unless we invite you to do so. Submit your own, original writing only.

Note that poetry is no longer included in an open submission call. Poetry is by invitation or application only. One poet or lyricist will be featured per issue (providing we have a suitable candidate), including 2 – 4 poems or songs (lyrics only), a mini-interview, and their bio.
See this page for more information.

While a publication history is not a prerequisite, we expect proper grammar, word usage, syntax, genuine style and voice, and properly researched and accurate references.

What we don’t want:

Do not send material that is offensive, promotes or describes hate, torture, or abuse, is excessively gory, violent, explicitly adult or sexual in nature. No religious or political themes will be published. No fan fiction. No ‘formula’ stories.

Format: Standard Modern Manuscript Format.

How to Submit


Please include a cover letter mentioning:

  • Word count of stories
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your author website or social media account (if any)
  • Most recent publications, if applicable.
  • Your physical location (City/Town/Country)
  • A brief bio (up to 100 words) written in the third person. Include a link here, also, to your social media account or website.

Frost Zone Zine does not charge any reading or submission fees.

Payment TBA before new call for submissions.


Upon acceptance of your work, you are granting Frost Zone Zine and Cryoseism Press First Worldwide Electronic and Serial Rights, meaning that the piece(s) should not appear in any online, print, or digital publication before the release of all formats (online, electronic, and print) of the issue in which your work appears.​ We request three months’ exclusivity from the date of publication,. (please do not have the piece(s) published elsewhere until three months have passed.)  and non-exclusive rights thereafter for your piece(s) published on the website, and in electronic and print versions of the issue in which your piece(s) appear.

Acceptance is not firm until a simple release form is signed. We reserve the right to retract an acceptance if the author fails to promptly sign the form.

All rights will revert to the author upon publication. Please mention that your piece(s) were first published in Frost Zone Zine, including issue# and date, should they later be published as (a) reprint(s).

Simultaneous submissions, though not encouraged, are allowed. If your submission is accepted elsewhere, please withdraw it immediately through our submissions manager. This is only possible while your submission is pending with us. If your submission has been moved on to a second reading, you will need to contact us to withdraw your submission. If we accept your submission, withdraw the piece immediately from other publications.

By submitting your work for consideration, you agree to the following:

  • You confirm that the work you submit to Frost Zone Zine for consideration is your own, original writing.
  • You confirm that the work has not been previously published, whether in print, digital, online, or any other form. (with exceptions as stated in poetry/lyricist information).
  • You agree not to hold Frost Zone Zine, Cyroseism Press, or the editor(s) liable for any damages, perceived or real, arising from your submission and/or the publication of your submission.
  • You confirm that the characters in the fiction you submit are fictitious.
  • You confirm that you are 18 years of age or older at the time of submitting work to us.

Retraction: We reserve the right to retract any acceptance of your work, even after a release form has been signed by you. There are only a few reasons why this retraction might occur, including but not limited to:

  • You misrepresented yourself or the work you submitted.
  • In light of learned information, we decide that publishing your work may cause controversy or harm to our publication.
  • Unable to reach author/no communication.


If your submission has been declined please do not contact us about our decision. Do not send us another submission unless we have asked for one.

You will be notified within 3 weeks of the submission close date whether or not your submission is accepted to be published in the upcoming issue. We reserve the right to make minor edits without your consent.  Please read the more information page to see what type of edits may be required. You will be notified if any major changes need to be made. As noted in our “About’ section, acceptance can be for one or more of the following formats: online, print, ebook.

The release form will be sent for you to sign electronically. This form must be signed before your acceptance is considered firm. We reserve the right to retract any acceptance including firm acceptances. There are only a few instances when this retraction would occur.

Refer to the this page for helpful information before submitting your work.

Ready to submit? Sign up is quick and easy:

SUBMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED. (a link to submission manager will be posted here when open).

​​Thank you for your interest in contributing to Frost Zone Zine.