The Scar

Hugh Allison

As I helped my mother up from where she slid on the ice, I noticed a scar form across her face. She hadn’t banged her head on the way down, but I couldn’t be imagining it going from nothing to this dark line.

She and Dad looked back at their house, where the girl dressed as a witch was still chanting “trick or treat”.

As the scar opened up and the blood poured down Mom’s face, I realized that the girl may not have been in costume, and that perhaps my parents should have had some snacks available for her.

Hugh Allison is a writer based in London, England. His short stories have been published by Cerasus, Nailpolish Stories, Short Story Town, and in the anthologies All the Small Things (Big Things Publishing), Hollow World: Vacuous (Bamboo Forest Press), and Sheer: A Dark Fantasy Anthology (Aesthetic Press).